The aim of the £50,000 appeal is to erect a statue in memory of the Formula 1 ace Tom Pryce in his hometown of Denbigh to inspire future generations.

The launch of the appeal coincided with what would have been Tom’s 70th birthday and came just weeks following the death of his racing rival Nicki Lauda who was 70 at the time.

Poignantly, Lauda was taking part in the 1977 South African Grand Prix in which Tom was tragically killed and went on to win the race.

Our mission is to motivate children and young people to follow their dreams like Tom so they can make the most of their talents and the strap line to the appeal is #whatsyourdream.

As part of this campaign we want to stress that we are not looking for any public money for the statue as it is to be funded by donations from Tom’s fans and supporters.

This interactive public work of art will be produced by the talented Llandudno-based sculptor Nick Elphick -

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The idea of the appeal was spurred by the 2018 Tom Pryce exhibition held at Denbigh Museum, which is housed in his old school.

The inspiration behind the exhibition was by Ronwy Rogers, from Denbigh. Ronwy had made a promise to Tom’s father to keep his memory alive and thanks to a great deal of hard work by a lot of people an exhibition in 2018 was a huge success and attracted interest from across the world.

It told the story of how, in a few short years, Tom went from being a lowly tractor mechanic to being a tipped as a future Formula 1 World Champion.

It’s a wonderful story and its evident from the exhibition that Tom has not been forgotten but he has not  had the recognition he deserves.

Our aim to create a fitting and exceptional piece of public art is to inspire us all but especially our children and young people.